Welcome to Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary

 Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary is nestled on 16 beautiful acres of wooded land in the heart of Guernsey County, Ohio. It is not only a sanctuary for the plants, animals and trees that are there, but a sanctuary for those of us who have no backyards or cannot go our into our own backyards to be close to Nature and worship in the ancient ways.  We cherish it as sacred space that deserves the respect, care, and protection of those who come onto it.
       We hope you will see our membership plan in the same light that we, who have put it together do….a way to preserve and protect something we hold sacred.


For the 2019 season, we are continuing the suspension of our membership program. This is being done to hopefully attract new people to Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary.
        All events, except for the Summer Solstice Gathering (Goddess Gathering) will be free of charge in hopes that you will come and help us to rebuild, improve and maintain this sacred site.  We ask only for your help in exchange for free camping in the beauty of Nature away from the busyness of mundane life.  Check out our “Events – 2019” for more information.

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