A New Day Dawns…

“May the strength of the Old enter into the New and Life arise once more.” So says a line from a Vernal Equinox ritual. It seems so very appropriate as we look to reclaim, rebirth, and restructure this sacred piece of land.

The Wheel has turned many, many times since we first set foot upon the 16 acres that have come to be known as Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary. Now we have a chance for a new beginning. We have a chance to make this a place where “mundania” is left at the gate and the focus becomes spiritual and filled with unconditional love.

This Land was meant to be sacred and a sanctuary for plants, animals and humans alike. Ultimately, the choice is ours. We hope you will choose to be part of this new chapter and new beginning. Come join us, won’t you? The journey begins…


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