Memorial Day

Memorial Day is usually thought of a day, or weekend, when we remember and honor those who have served in the military of our country. We take a moment to pay homage to those who fought and died so that the rest of us can remain free. This is as it should be.

As we take those moments to honor our members of the military, I would like to take a moment to honor another group of people. Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary has been around for 25 years now. During the course of that time, we have seen many people come and go. The ones that we miss the most are the ones who came, gave and who have now crossed the Bridge of Light. To these fine souls, I have come this day to give recognition and pay tribute.

Lew MorrisThe first time I had the pleasure of meeting Lew Morris was when he and his wife, Kathy, drove onto the Sanctuary Land at the time of our first Gathering there. They were driving a truck with 55-gallon barrels of water on it because they had heard we had no water on site yet and they wanted to help. That act of generosity allowed people to have water to wash and cook that otherwise might not have been available.
Lew was a gentle soul who did whatever he was able and always had good conversation for those who sat to talk with him. In 2005, he was the first of our losses and is missed.
ChuckMA27552739-0001A number of years would roll by before we would suffer another loss. Chuck Pugh, known to many as “Lord Pan” or just “Pan” had a very creative and inventive mind. That ability helped immensely in the beginning stages of building on the Land when money was scarce. Taking downed wood, lashing it together to make a framework, he then hung tarps over the frame and created the first outhouses for use on the Land. Almost any building standing on the Land he had a hand in building.
Sadly, we lost Pan in August, 2010. The restoration of the Land will not quite be the same without him. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War, having served in the Navy at the time.
HawkOnly a little over two years would pass before we would lose another of the Land’s builders. In September, 2012, Paul Emler, known to almost everyone as “Hawk” took that journey across the Bridge of Light. His campsite remains empty and the Land seems so empty without his presence. With Pan, Hawk use his own brand of creativity to create benches, torch towers for the Lower Ritual Circle, a playground for the children and so much more. We honor that creativity and will miss that smile.
John LindbergMere months would go by when we would receive word that another of the original people was lost to us. John Lindberg, a veteran of the Vietnam War and Wiccan, returned to Summerland in December, 2012. From the beginning, John helped however he was able and always had very good ideas to share. We are saddened by the loss of this spiritual Brother.
Lady CerridwenDebra Lindberg, known to everyone as Lady Cerridwen or “Lady C”, just recently left us. In October, 2014, she slipped away from us. Without the help of this woman and her mother, the Land may not have continued to exist. When our land contract was almost up and we needed funding to continue, Cerridwen convinced her mother to loan us the money so the Land would be ours. She continued to aid those on the Land with wise counsel for years. We owe her so much. She will sorely be missed as we restore the Land to the sacred space it was meant to be.

We are all growing older and our lives are so impermanent. Recognition needs to be given, not just on one particular day of the year, but often, to those who contribute to our lives in their own special way.

This holds true for the many who are still with us in this physical reality, but have chosen not to return, for whatever reason. There have been so many who have contribute to the establishment and building of this sacred space we call Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary. Although there are too many names to mention here, we know who you are and we remember and honor your contribution to this very special place. Perhaps some day, you will decide to return so that we can tell you how much we appreciate what you have done to create what we have. In the meantime, “Thank you.”

As we continue to build, restore, and revive the Land, it is good to remember the foundation upon which this was built and all who contributed to it. Blessed Memorial Day.

Love & Blessed Be

Elder Maya

Progress – Slow but Steady

Tortoise 2The third work weekend has just passed. Work continues. We are moving forward…slowly. There is the possibility that it will take us all year to get everything done to make this a safe and comfortable place to enjoy Nature again, but we are moving in that direction.

The next work weekend is Memorial Day weekend. That’s three days you will have the opportunity to come and see the Sanctuary and possibly lend a hand with our endeavors. Mark your calendars for May 22nd through the 25th. Gates will open at 3 p.m. on Friday, May 22nd and close for the weekend at 3 p.m. on Monday, May 25th. If you can make it, especially if you’ve never been here before, this is a prime time to do so. We would love to meet you!  (Don’t forget you can get a map to the Land by sending a large SASE to: Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary, P.O. Box 61, New Straitsville, OH 43766)

Progress with fundraising also has its own slow and steady pace. We’ve made money from selling donated books, donations from canisters set out at metaphysical expos and now we have a page on You can find the purple GoFundMe button on any page of this web site on the left-hand side just under the Raven & Wolf image. If you click on it, it will take you to our page where you can use your credit of debit card to donate to the restoration of this wonderful Nature Sanctuary. We would be most appreciative. If any of you know of a place where you might post a flyer that directs people to the GoFundMe site, email me at and I will be more that happy to send you a copy of the flyer that you can print out and post.

Keep an eye open for my next article in two weeks as we have received a donation of magickal equipment – chalices and other items – that I will be posting pictures of right here! As with the books, we will leave it up to you to make an offer on each item that interests you. As long as it’s reasonable, the item will become yours. If we have to mail it to you, we ask that you add a little extra for shipping costs and insurance, if you want your item covered for damages that might occur in transit.

We are very open to hearing ideas from all of you on ways to raise funds, what you would like to see happen at gatherings, or any other ideas you may have. Don’t be shy. Let’s hear from you.

In the meantime, spread the word…Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary is being brought back to life for the gathering of magickal folks of all positive persuasions and could use help in all forms. The farther the word spreads, the more interested people will be found and the quicker and easier this task will happen so that we can once again gather and celebrate together.

Until next time, remember, slow progress is still progress. See you at the finish line!

Finish LineLove & Blessed Be

Elder Maya (Samantha Herron)