In a continuing effort to raise money for the repair and rebuilding that need to happen on the Land, but also new tools and other equipment, Lady CrowW has gone through her Altar equipment and donated many nice pieces for fund-raising.

All these items are in an “as is” condition with “very good” being the key phrase in explaining that condition. You will find no prices as we would like to offer you the opportunity to be as generous as your purse or wallet allows. Please make an offer by number and realize that, should we have to ship them to you, costs for postage and packaging should be included.

Here’s what we have to offer you: (If you click on the pictures, you will see a enlarged view of them. If you are viewing this on our web site, you will have to use your browser’s “Back” button to return to the article. Thank you.)

DSCF0009There deep red Chalices have a clear stem and base. They stand 7 ¼” tall with a 4” Chalice mouth. They have a nice weight to them.

DSCF0012These olive green Chalices have a mottled effect to them. They stand 7 ½” tall and have a Chalice mouth of 4”.

DSCF0013There are three of these green oak leaf Chalices, which we would like to sell together. They stand 6 ½” tall with a 4 ¼” mouth. They are heavy in weight.

DSCF0014Lavender glass stands on top of clear stems and bases with these 6 ½” Chalices that have a 4’ mouth opening.

DSCF0047Black fluted glass Chalices that stand 6” high with a 3 ½” mouth. These are a sturdy weight and very pretty.

DSCF0016Light-weight green glass Chalices are trimmed with gold rims. They stand 7” high and have a 2 ¾” mouth opening.

DSCF0017There are 3 of these clear glass Chalices that have 2 ¾’ mouth openings that are rimmed in gold. A white winter snow scene adorns each. They stand 8” high.

DSCF0050Light-weight, smoky gray glass. These Chalices stand 6 ½” tall and have a 3 ¼’ mouth opening.

DSCF0046Made of black glass, these Chalices are two sizes. One stands 9” tall with a 2 ½” mouth, while the other is 10” tall with a 2 ¾” mouth. Light in weight, they are very nice.

DSCF0018White wood candlesticks that stand 7 ¼” tall are made for tapers and would look nice on any Altar.

DSCF0019Hefty-weight brass candlesticks. They stand 6 ¼” tall and are nice for holding tapers.

DSCF0020These two 4” high clear glass candlesticks would look nice holding tapers on anyone’s Altar.

DSCF0021Black metal candlesticks made for holding pillar candles. They stand 3 ¾” high and would easily hold a 3” pillar candle.

DSCF0049These wonderful acorn and oak leaf taper candlesticks are made of metal, but it’s unknown what kind. They would be great for a Fall ritual!

DSCF0024Green glass candlesticks that stand 4 ½” tall and are made for tapers. Very nice.

DSCF0025These black glass candleholders could be used as mini Chalices! They stand 4 ½” high and are used for votive candles. (Two votives are included.)

DSCF0026Brass and steel Athame with blue decorating the sheath and a blue stone on top of the hilt. It has a 5” blade of stainless steel and is 9” overall. The sheath has a clip on the back for wearing on belt, boot or Cingulum. For ritual purposes only.

DSCF0027Nice sounding brass Bell. It stands 6 ½” high.

DSCF0028Smaller brass Bell stands 2 ½” high. Has a tinkling sound to its ring. Would be great for a portable ritual kit.

DSCF0029DSCF0030Beautiful blue and gold wooden (we think) box. It measures 6”H x 9”W x 6” D. The clasp is brass

DSCF0031This clear glass vase would be nice for a flower or two on your Altar. It stands 9” tall.

DSCF0032Slightly different in shape, this is also a clear glass vase. It stands 9 ½” tall.

DSCF0033Handmade wooden Paten created from a slab of wood. It measures 10 ½”.

DSCF0034White opaque glass oak leaf Chalice stands 6 ½’ high and has a 4 ¼” mouth opening.

DSCF0035This solitary white ceramic candleholder stands 4 ½” tall and will easily hold a 4” pillar candle.

DSCF0036Made of olive green class, this oak leaf bowl stands 5 ½” tall and has a 6 ¼” mouth. By placing sand in it, it could be used as a Thurible.

DSCF0037This oak leaf bowl very much resembles the one above having the same dimensions, but being Spring green in color.

DSCF0038Pale green in color, this glass candlestick will easily hold a 3” pillar candle. It stands 4 ¾” high.

DSCF003910 ½” tall, clear glass decanter would work well for wine or water!

DSCF0040Native American shaman/medicine man stands 10 ½” high. Made of either wood or polymer, it is definitely not ceramic.

DSCF0041This white ceramic basket is not solid. It would make a nice bowl or basket for offerings on an Altar.

DSCF0042Heavy weight, clear glass candleholder looks like a glacier (pretty cool). It stands 3” high and will hold a 1” pillar candle or votive.

DSCF0043Metal Star tree-topper could also be an Altar decoration. It stand 12 ¼” high and has 12 stars cut into it. There is a 1 ½” opening in the stem for placement on a tree.

Well, that’s it for now. There may be a few other items added later. If you are interested in any of these items, remember to use the number listed with them when you contact us. You can reach us on Facebook at either “Memories of Raven-Wolf” or “Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary”. You can also email us at You can also contact me either on Facebook (Samantha Herron) or email me at

Please be sure to share this with others! Thanks, in advance, for your contribution to the growth and revitalization of a wonderful sacred space!

God & Goddess

Love & Blessed Be

Elder Maya


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