Passing the Torch

GG to RW Photos0009I first heard about the land about six or seven years ago. I was instantly enthralled by the stories, fellowship, purpose and hard work that went into this sacred land. The fact that the original “Goddess Gathering” got bumped from place to place, until its current location was found, and it being a permanent location always excited me. The fact that there is a sacred Pagan land to celebrate and honor the Goddess and nature that could be accessed more than just once a year made me think of the ancient days and the temples and sacred lands. Then I was instantly sadden when I heard that the land was not being used and was sitting stagnate for years.

Until earlier this year, when I heard that the land was going to be revitalized then I got excited and I wanted to do what I can to get the land back to what it used to be as a sacred gathering place, campground and a place for the Pagan community could gather in peace and get back in touch with nature. I wasn’t able to participate in the first few working weekends due to scheduling conflicts with work, but as soon as I could get down there I was amazed at all that I saw and the potential the Land had to return to what it once was. I brought some friends with me and they had a good time in sharing in fellowship camping and working the land. The three weekends in a row that we spent there so much happened. You could see paths again, camp sites were being cleared out and the upper and lower circle were cleared and could be used again.

In those three weekends I could feel the Land coming to life and being used and honored once again. My mentor and I did a fire protection spell at the lower circle and a wedding was held the following weekend at the upper circle. People enjoyed the camping, hiking and just the fellowship and being able to do work for the Land and see a huge difference then what the land started off with at the beginning of the year. I am truly blessed and honored to be able to do the worthwhile work it is taken to get the Land back to where it belongs. In the next month or two my friends and I are going to be working on painting the tables, cabins, picnic tables and everything else that needs painted there. We will also be clearing the rest of the paths ways to the grandfather tree, playground area and the bonfire area!

If you are looking for something to do on a weekend I recommend coming to the Land and help restore its beauty and energy that it holds. Even if its not for a whole weekend or even a whole day, it will be well worth the trip and the help will be appreciated. No matter what type of health condition you may be in or age we can use the help; even if its sitting at the pavilion keeping track of people coming and going, helping cook and prepare the community meals or helping the new people find paths and learning about the old stories; to taking down dead trees, mowing fields and shoveling rocks on the main path and entrance.

I hope to meet some of you wonderful people that I heard so many fun and good stories about and I hope to see some new blood on the land to help protect it and keep the land alive. Help us to keep the torch burning and passing it on to the next generation and those to come.

Goddess and God 2

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,


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