Let Your Voice Be Heard, Let Your Words Be Read

Diary EntryThere is so much we could share here on this web site while we patiently wait for that time when we can gather together in person on Raven-Wolf Land. Everyone has something to share: a memory of past gatherings or work weekends; things they’ve learned from their experiences with primitive camping both on the Land and perhaps elsewhere; recipes they’ve tried over the fire and loved; herbal/natural cures and preventatives; experiences at other festivals and gatherings (whether good or bad) are also welcome; even hopes and dreams for a new, re-born Raven-Wolf and/ or Summer Solstice Gathering.

I, for one, would love to hear what others have to say. Even if you haven’t been down to the Land in years, or never been there yet, there are things you could share with the rest of us. Those who have said they would love to help, but health issues make them feel like they have little or nothing to contribute, can contribute by sharing your wisdom, your knowledge and your experiences with the rest of us. It will cost you nothing except for a little of your time along with a little energy typing on your keyboard.

No one person’s words are of greater value than any other person’s. We are here to share what we know and learn from what others know. That’s how strong community is created. Strong community would mean that Raven-Wolf would grow and flourish and be there for generations to come. It all begins with your involvement. Whether that  involvement is cutting wood, mowing grass, donating money, cooking a meal, or writing an article for the web site, it ALL matters.

So, the bottom line is, we want everyone to be part of this restoration and rebirth. Contributing an article is just one more way that you can be part of what is being done to bring back sacred space and strong community. Don’t tell yourself you have nothing to contribute. You do and you should.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you and read what you have chosen to share with the rest of us. Articles can be emailed to RavenWolfNature@aol.com . Go ahead…flood our inbox!!!

Writers WantedBlessed Be

Elder Maya


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