The Land Awakens

The Land awakens, Magick is afoot and the Goddess is alive!!!  It is time to open the land and to prepare for the camping season and the Goddess Gathering reborn.  A few of us went down a couple of weeks ago to check out the land to see what needed done and what damage the winter may have brought.  We had some new faces join us with some familiar ones.  We were shocked and happy to see that there wasn’t much damage and that the land was coming to alive.  The only things we found was four downed trees covering the path up Dragon Hill.
We had a new couple that got there first.  They went exploring a little bit and found a hand saw left out from last season and went to work to move a downed tree before anyone else even showed up and asked them to help.  As soon as the rest of us got there we explored and did a quick tour and got to work.  We were having troubles with the chain saw so we got to work using hand tools and pure muscle to move the downed trees to clear the roads.
With the few hands we had there we got a lot of work done and are ready to get things rolling.  What is there to be done you may ask.  Well there is quite a bit actually.  We need a latrine built and two others painted and converted to compost latrines.  Paths need cleared and fire wood needs cut and stacked.  Gravel needs to be placed on the paths and holes along the drive need filled.  Camp sites need cleared and flowers need planted.  These are just a few things that need accomplished. 
March 2016
When the rain and sunshine comes we will need fields mowed and paths trimmed.
Does this seem like a lot of work?  Of course it does but its well worth it and the more helping hands the better.  Is this work too hard for you to do?  That is ok, we can still use you.  WE need people to sit at the registration table, making sure that people are staying hydrated, being a communication person and keep tabs on people and projects, help prepare meals and keep the fires stoked so that others can work on other projects.  Everyone can help either with big projects or small ones.  The goddess and the land appreciates any and all help that can be given.
So come join the fun, fellowship and good hard (or not so hard) work.  Your help smiles and encouragement will always be welcomed.  Until next week and I see you on the Land.
Blessed Be,

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