The Last 2 Weekends of the 2016 Season!

Good Morning ,

I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that there are only 2 more scheduled work weekends for RavenWolf this season! We can use all the help we can get to prepare the Land for its winter resting season. We need to mow at least 1 more time so the spring growth is manageable. We need to prepare our motorized tools for winter storage by clearing them of any gas so that they are ready for a fresh start up in spring.

Even if you feel you can’t run the power tools you could tend a fire that provides a HOT meal or beverage for those who can. You could even be instrumental in preparing those meals. If you can be on hand to watch the youngest generations while the parents do much needed work that is a GREAT service. All these things can be accounted to a discount for memberships or cabin rental fees.

The NEXT work weekend starts this Friday (if people are going to be there on FRIDAY please let me KNOW ASAP) I can have the gate open for anyone getting there Friday as long as they let me know they intend to be there & at what time the want to (or CAN) get there.  Following this coming weekend our LAST scheduled weekend is for October 14th. Once we close the gate for the season there will not be scheduled weekends until the spring! – IF you want to have some private time on the Land it can be arranged by contacting me at I will work out with you the details on HOW you can do that including the fees and rules that apply to that request.

I will caution folks coming to camp that the evenings have gone to MUCH cooler temperatures for the season already. You will want to be prepared for COLD weather camping. This includes planning on WARM meals to keep your core body temperature warm as well as plenty of blankets and warmer clothes. I strongly recommend that you have multiple changes of clothing and especially socks in case of rain or an evening cold snap. If you are sitting around the fire in clothes & socks that have been sweated in all day you are going to still be COLD! Simply changing clothes and wiping the days sweat off your body goes a LONG way in keeping you warmer.

Until this weekend – Blessed Be to All


RavenWolf Coordinator



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