A Very Productive Weekend!


We got a lot done this weekend at The Land. Special thanks to those who showed to help, Rhonda, John, Owen & Toby, and of course myself & Dragon with Sean. The boys add a touch of comic relief, even if their antics are not always so funny at the time things are happening. – How many rinses to get the dish soap out? “Cheez-its” are still good when they have been dumped from their package into my lap & the ground -right mom?

A shared meal on Saturday night with a wonderful introduction to 2X4 soup. I think that is a keeper for cooler weather camping. Warm food is best and this had enough spice to keep it interesting. Thanks Rhonda for sharing it & the homemade butter with bread to go along with it.

A very special thanks to John for using his mechanical expertise and replacing the mower drive belt on the tractor. It ran like a champ for a last mowing of the season of the most used spaces on Sunday. A special thanks to Dragon (& Sean for his supervisory skills) for using the log splitter and taking wood up to the community fire at Elder Cabin.

Extra special kudos to Dragon & Rhonda for bagging up another truckload of the SHRINKING pile of trash. Some of which went to Sarah’s dumpster –Thanks Sarah, and some came home to go into the recycling here and at my mom’s. I think we can get most of it gone the last weekend.

The last weekend of the 2016 season if fast approaching. Plan now to attend & help get our spaces ready for the long winter nap. The dates for that are October 14th-16th. Hopefully some of the tighter schedules will allow for peoples attendance as extra hands can always be used. I’d love to get the trees that are dead marked with their “red for dead” ribbons so we can tell come spring which ones need felled where we want them to fall, not where they choose to lay down. Tying ribbons is a task many of our not so sound of body folks can do! It is really important to spy out those trees while there are still leaves (or the lack thereof) to help identify the ones that need to come down. Hoping to get a good sweeping of the leaves from roof tops to help keep shingles in good shape. Just an FYI the early weather reports have the overnight temps down in the 40’s for that weekend. Warmer clothing options are definitely in order.

Hope to see many of the faces we have missed this season here for the last weekend!

Can’t make it to the Land? – There is always the “Go-Fund Me” link if you can contribute to our much needed funds. Some of the things needed for next season are the Comprehensive First-Aid kit, paint and other supplies for the preservation of our buildings and structures, everyday needed items, like T.P. and cleaning supplies for latrines, and gasoline & oils for the power tools. All the myriad of small things that cost us money and of course the larger ones like our land taxes! Even if it’s only $5-$10, every donation helps.

Blessed Be,
Raven-Wolf Coordinator