Spring Approaches…


It’s a new year – a number one year – a time when all things are possible. Spring is in the air, even though the calendar tells us that there are 5+ weeks of Winter.

As the Earth is slowing awakening, we humans are feeling the urge to be outside with the sun shining on our faces and the wind gently blowing through our hair. Nature is calling to us. You can hear it, can’t you?

And so the land known as Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary begins to whisper to those who can hear its call. The Opening Weekend is still almost two months away, but still…She calls because She needs us.

Although Winter hasn’t been as harsh as ones in the past, there will be downed trees to clear, debris to be gathered, and buildings to be checked for damage. This is all besides an outhouse to convert to composting and a tool shed to organize. That first weekend will be April 7 – 9, 2017. It’s still free to camp, if you are willing to help. Check with Mary T. Borden for gate opening and closing times.

With a new year comes the planning and preparations for another Goddess Gathering. From Opening Weekend to Summer Solstice is only a matter of 10 ½ weeks. Obviously, your help would be greatly appreciated.

This year’s Goddess Gathering has been titled “Solstice with the Goddess” and, as stated after our meeting, we had heard the voices of many say that the prices we were asking were too expensive, and now reducing the festival to a five-day event, we decided to take a look at what could be done about that. Please note the following changes:

ENTIRE FESTIVAL : JUNE 21-25, 2015 (5 days)
Before April 30, 2017 – $50 per person
After April 30, 2017 – $60 per person

Before April 30, 2017 – $15 per day per person
After April 30, 2017 – $20 per day per person

***Children under the age of 18 are FREE!***

Bring a dish or pay $10 per person

***The new Registration Form can be found by clicking on the title to the left on this page ***

VENDORS: While you still have to pay the regular registration fee to attend Goddess Gathering, there are no additional registration fees for vendors and we DO NOT ask for a percentage of your sales!!! We will, however, be asking you to donate a sale item for an auction to raise money for Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary that will be held during the festival.

We are actively seeking Workshop Presenters and Entertainers. If you have a subject that you would like to present in the format of an hour long workshop or you have a talent that you would like to provide enjoyment for others with, we invite you to go to the Workshop & Entertainment Application form (click on that title to the left of this page), fill out the form and send it back to us. We will then confirm whether you have a spot for Goddess Gathering 2017. Here’s your incentive to get involved: If you are willing to put on two one-hour workshops OR give one full hour of entertainment, we will give you FREE admission to the Gathering!!!

So you can see there are many reasons to become part of the awesome experiences at both Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary and Goddess Gathering.

Although there is a Calendar of Events that tells you about the weekends on Raven-Wolf and there are forms for registering for Goddess Gathering and also for being a presenter at the Gathering, we know that sometimes there are questions that still need other answers. This year, we’ve added a “Contact Information” page. You can find the link to it on the lower left-hand side of the web site right under “About”. We hope you will find it useful.

So, you can see that as the Earth begins to warm and awaken, we’ve started planting some seeds that we hope will grow some excellent experiences for all the magickal and Nature-loving people who might choose to come and join us. We sincerely hope you will accept our invitation!


Love & Blessed Be

Elder Maya