Opening Weekend is Nearly Here!


It’s hard to believe another Winter has passed and the gates to Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary are about to open again! In about two weeks, people will gather again to begin the work of caring for the Land and preparing for the next Goddess Gathering at Summer Solstice.

Nature calls to many as the last of Winter disappears. Feeling the wind on your face and the Earth beneath your feet can be very satisfying and very healing. This particular piece of Mother Earth is truly sacred space. It offers much and only asks for a little TLC in return.

Much has been accomplished in the last two seasons: buildings have been repaired and painted, camping sites and paths have been reopened, fallen trees have been cleared and cut into firewood, signs have been repainted, and sacred sites have been restored besides the normal maintenance that’s done each time there is a work weekend. There’s plenty more to be done to rebuild and improve this wonderful 16-acre site.

April 7 – 9, 2017 is the first work/camping weekend. We’re still offering free camping to anyone who is willing to come and lend a hand in the work that needs to be done. It doesn’t matter what your work skills or physical capabilities are, there’s something for everyone to do from running chainsaws and weed whackers to stacking wood or picking up sticks for kindling to sitting at registration to greet people coming in.

If you think this is something you’d like to check out and try, you can contact Mary T. Borden either at or you can also message her on Facebook for gate opening times and/or directions to the site. REMEMBER: any help you give this year will count toward a discount to Goddess Gathering next year!

A new season is about to begin, filled with infinite possibilities. Who knows where the road may lead and what joys may be found along the way? Are you up for an adventure? Come join us and be part of the recreation of something spiritual and special!

Walk in the Woods

The Earth Awakens



Here we are…only one month from the opening of Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary for the 2017 season! Wow! It hardly seems like any time has passed at all. Soon it will be time to assess the damage done by the winds, rain, and snow of this Winter and begin the work to ready the Land for the season and especially for Goddess Gathering 2017 – “Solstice with the Goddess”

That first weekend will be April 7 – 9, 2017. It’s still free to camp, if you are willing to help and you will need to check with Mary T. Borden, the Coordinator, for gate opening and closing times. No matter what your physical abilities may be, there will be some way that you can be of help, if you are willing. Remember, any help you give this year will count toward a discount to Goddess Gathering next year!

Being down on Sanctuary land is a very healing experience. That healing goes both ways – as we do what we can to take care of this wonderful sacred space, the Land heals us in return – mentally, emotionally, and physically. There’s a lot of love that resides on this Land. You feel it the moment you step out of your car onto it. We were meant to be here – to heal and be healed.

The coming together of like-minded people who care about the Earth, creates a joy that’s hard to explain. The “work” that needs doing doesn’t seem like work at all. For some, it becomes a blessing to be part of taking care of this Goddess-given land. You begin to feel a real connection with the Earth here. Mundania seems far, far away when you are here. It’s a whole other reality that exists on Raven-Wolf land.

There are many who have said they seek to find a place where they can openly express who they are and be able to practice their rites unencumbered. That’s one of the many reasons this Land was established 27 years ago. A new generation of people is being sought who want to be part of something like Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary and Goddess Gathering. Here, we can be stewards to the Earth, healing it and ourselves; we can meet others who follow similar paths and rejoice in our similarities; and, here, we can openly be who we are.

A new season is about to begin. Time to plant seeds, both physical and spiritual, for the growing season ahead. What do you wish to grow and harvest this year? We hope you will choose to come grow with us as we begin yet another season of caring and sharing in Nature!

Be sure to check out the Calendar of Events here on the web site. If you can’t make the first work/camping weekend, perhaps there’s another that will allow us to meet! See you there!


Blessed Be

Elder Maya