Merry Meet!

GG 2018 7

It’s been more than a month since people began arriving for this year’s Goddess Gathering Reborn. Some came from as far away as Georgia to experience both the event and Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary for the first time.

GG 2018

This was the third year of the rebirthing of Goddess Gathering and, although the number of attendees was still small, it continues to be a gathering of people who are interested in peace, quiet, and reconnecting with Nature as well as connecting with others who are like-minded. In the many previous years of this event, it had even been promoted as the place to go or be if you wanted to step away from the “party” festival circuit. It seems that still holds true for Goddess Gathering Reborn.

The rains came, once again, as they had the previous year, making things a little muddy. Most people didn’t see to care though. If you’re truly Pagan, a little mud is just another way of getting close to Mother Earth.

GG 2018 3


GG 2018 4

Nature made it presence known, and even came to greet people, in many forms.

GG 2018 2  GG 2018 8  GG 2018 9

GG 2018 5

The rain stopped long enough for a beautiful ritual to be performed Saturday night under the watchful eye of a gorgeous Moon.

GG 2018 10

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again! Watch for news about Goddess Gathering Reborn 2019 coming soon!

Until then… There are still a number of work/camping weekends that are upcoming. The next one is August 3-5. Camping is always free to those who are willing to help in any capacity. That will be followed by another one on August 17-19, and the longer weekend on Labor Day weekend.

If you are interested in seeing and experiencing Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary, perhaps with an eye to attending the next Goddess Gathering Reborn, contact Mary T. Borden at 740-241-9340 for gate opening times, directions, or any other information you may need.

A special “Thank you!” to Rhonda Savage, Carol and Richard Cubberley for all the wonderful photos used in this article.  I’ll be back next time with information on Goddess Gathering Reborn 2019!

Blessed Be,

Elder Maya