Raven-Wolf Opens This Weekend!


Well, Spring has finally arrived and with it comes the opening of the gates at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary this weekend! This is the first of several weekends that are used to not only clear away the vestiges of Winter but prepare for the upcoming 4th Annual Goddess Gathering Reborn to be help June 20 – 23, 2019.

If you don’t have plans for this coming weekend and feel the itch to get back out in Nature, why not come out and join us? It looks to be a fairly good weekend with temperatures in the 60s on Friday and Saturday. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please contact Mary T. Borden, our coordinator, at (740) 241-9340. You can either call or text, but if you do text, be sure to put “Raven-Wolf” on it. She can tell you when the gates will open for sure and give you directions, if you’ve never been there before.

In case you’re not aware, or don’t remember, if you come out and help with the work that needs to be done, you can camp for free! It’s just our way of saying, “Thank you.” for helping us out. It also will go toward a discount on the 2020 GGR admission fee. All kinds of perks just for coming out to be in Nature!

The nights will be chilly so, if you do intend to camp, be sure to bring plenty of warm clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. There are fire rings for building fires to cook and keep warm. Even if you just come out for the day, wear sturdy shoes, layer your clothing to stay warm, and bring gloves to protect your hands.

If you can’t make it this weekend, the next work/camp weekend will be April 12 -14. You can find a complete list of the work/camp weekends on the web site under “2019 Calendar of Weekends – at a Glance” We hope you’ll find some time to come see Raven-Wolf and meet the folks who are regularly there working to make it a wonderful place to be close to Nature.

Hope to see you soon!

The Gates Open in Three Weeks!


Our Coordinator, Mary T. Borden, says she’s been getting calls already from some who are anxious to get down to the Land. Good news! In just three weeks, the gates open for the first camping/work weekend at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary.

Just like every other year, if you’re willing to help with the work to maintain the site and prepare for the upcoming Goddess Gathering Reborn at Summer Solstice, your camping is free! In case you may not be aware of it but your help this year can bring you a discount in the price of attendance to next year’s (2020) Goddess Gathering . There have been some who have lent a hand to the point where they get free attendance! It’s all definitely a win-win situation. There’s always plenty to do, no matter what your capabilities are.

This first weekend is predicted to be mild during the day and cold at night. If you do intend to stay overnight, be sure to have plenty of warm clothing, blankets, and sleeping bags. Sturdy shoes, gloves, and a hat are also recommended along with layered clothing. Fires are permitted in the provided ringed areas.

If you’ve never been to Raven-Wolf, know that it is primitive camping. There is a hand pump for water, at the bottom of the hill. Bathrooms are latrines that are slowly being converted to composting toilets. There is no electricity right now, but the desire is to have solar panels sometime in the future. The closest convenience stores are five miles away. So, come prepared.

This first weekend, March 29 – 31, will be one of discovery. Winter usually takes its toll on the trees, at the very least, so it’s good to walk the Land and see what trees may have come down and any other damage that may have taken place from their fall or the fall of branches from them. We are usually fortunate in not having major building damage often and the wood that has come down provides firewood for cooking fires and bonfires during camping weekends and the Gathering at Summer Solstice. Plans are then usually discussed as to what the priorities will be moving forward to the festival taking place.

If Winter has you anticipating Spring and wanting to get out and away from the busyness of where you live and work, into Nature, to reconnect with it and the peace that it offers, come see us. We’d be pleased to meet you!

Be sure to check out the rest of our web site for information on how to contact us if you have questions, the registration form for Goddess Gathering Reborn 2019, our Calendar of Events and more!


Love & Blessed Be