Got Plans for This Weekend?

The Woods

If not, consider coming out to be in Nature at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary. Here’s a message from our Coordinator, Mary T. Borden:

“Time for the next work weekend QUICKLY approaches! I’m already planning our menu for dinner along with the work to focus on THIS weekend! Work schedules and some personal events are putting us at the Land no sooner than Saturday! Please plan accordingly for weather. So far the forecast says partly cloudy for Saturday with rain again on Sunday… More MUD! NOT to make anyone squeamish, but we ARE RURAL, with our roads more on the primitive side – gravel & DIRT. When you have dirt & rain, you get muddy muck. Just keeping it REAL -If you don’t have 4-wheel drive, OR are a more timid driver your chances of getting STUCK in mud increase. Even people EXPERIENCED with driving here & HAVE 4-wheel drive do that on occasion (me included!). That being said, know that we never LEAVE anyone STUCK! We work together as a community to help each other out. Night temperatures are still below 50°F. Tent camping is possible, but VERY challenging. If you are a novice or beginner camper, I highly recommend taking advantage of our rental cabin at $10/person for the night.”

If you need to reach her for directions or to see if the cabin is available for renting, you can call or text her at 740-241-9340 (If you text, please put “Raven-Wolf” on it.)

As always, to show our appreciation for your help in getting the Land ready for festival at Summer Solstice and maintaining it later in the year, each time you come and help it counts toward a discount toward your registration for the 2020 Goddess Gathering Reborn festival.

Camping, other than cabin rentals, is free each and every work weekend for those who come and help out.

The deadline for early registrations that can save you some money, April 30th, is fast approaching!!! If you’re on a budget and saving money is a priority for you, then mailing in your registration for the upcoming 4th Annual Goddess Gathering Reborn could be important for you.

You’ll find the registration form on the web site. Scroll down to the “Pages” section and you’ll find it listed as “2019 Festival Registration Form.” We’ve include instructions for filling it out, in case you need them. Be sure to get it postmarked by April 30th!!!

Just a reminder: We encourage people to participate by presenting workshops or entertainment. Just like in previous years, if you’d be willing to do two 1-hour workshops or one hour of entertainment, you could get free admission! If you think this is something you might be interested in participating in, there’s a Workshop and Entertainment Application on the web site that you will need to fill out and mail in to be considered. You’ll find the link to it on the left side of any page toward the bottom. Questions concerning workshops and entertainment should be directed to Krista Hanson either by email at (Please put “Raven-Wolf” in the subject line.) or by phone at 513-349-9197. The deadline for registering to present a workshop is May 2019.

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