Have Plans for Summer Solstice?

Goddess Gathering Reborn 2019

If not, then why not come join the celebration at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary at the 4th Annual Goddess Gathering Reborn?

This past weekend more improvements were made in preparation for the upcoming event. Here’s what our Coordinator, Mary T. Borden had to say about it:

“MANY, MANY THANKS to Dyagon Alley for donating funds to purchase stone for the muddiest spots in the road. I cannot thank Brian & Jaque’s son Ben & Brian for Brian Daugherty for bringing in 5 pickup truckloads of stone AND spreading them!! There are still a few more spots that need stone, however it is now drivable by more than just 4 -Wheel Drive vehicles!

“Many thanks to the folks that came out this weekend to push hard and get things prepped for Gathering! John Marzocchi did a lot more chainsaw work in clearing pathways of fallen trees & larger branches. Rhonda L Savage ran the Cub tractor & cart around picking up the cut logs and bringing them to Ritual Field for stacking in log racks. Jacque Daugherty kept all of us fed with an amazing breakfast! (NOTE :THIS IS NOT TO BE THE EXPECTED WAY OF THINGS! When you come help for work weekends you need to come prepared to fix your own meals. That includes bring your choice of food & a means of preparing it. ) She also graciously kept eyes on Sean which allowed me to help get some of the last mowing done.”

Here’s a couple picture of that work:

Stone at Ritual Field 6-8-19     Stone at Curve Top of Hill 6-8-19

Even though it’s too late to register by mail, you can register at the gate any day of the festival. There are prices for the entire festival and one day prices as well. It’s $60 per adult for the entire festival or $20 per day per adult. Children under the age of 18 are always free!!!

Cabin rentals are also available on a first-come, first -serve basis. The cost is $10 per adult per night.

An important message from our Coordinator:

“If you haven’t pre-registered for the event, but plan on attending -PLEASE contact Mary to let her know so that a suitable campsite can be cleared for you. Right now all of the regular, usually available sites have been claimed!
We look forward to seeing everyone at Goddess Gathering June 20th-23rd!”

There’s not much more I can add. If you’d like to get away, be out in Nature, and celebrate with like-minded people, then be sure to contact our Coordinator, Mary T. Borden at 740-241-9340 (If you text, please put “Raven-Wolf” on it.) for gate opening times and/or directions, if you need them.

We wish you a very Blessed Summer Solstice, wherever you may be!!!