Events – 2018

When Spring arrives in 2018, we will be looking to prepare for the our third Goddess Gathering to be held on Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary during Summer Solstice.

There is much we want to accomplish this year: bring down all dead trees and cut them up, along with already downed wood, so that there is lots and lots of wood for cooking fires and bonfires; finish converting the old outhouses to composting ones, refurbish the playground for the kids, repaint benches and buildings, continue to clear paths, etc.

There are new things we would like to see happen as well: building a pavilion over the cooking grills that has solar panels for a roof – thereby creating access to electricity for those who have CPAP machines and others who may have a medical need for electricity; and refurbishing the other two small campers so that they may be rented/used by those needing to be up off the ground. All these, projects, however, depend on the amount of help we get, especially from people familiar with these types of projects.

Right now tent-camping space is available and limited cabin space on a first come, first serve basis. There is a hand-pump well, but no electricity and, of course, we have the current outhouses.

The events held on Raven-Wolf land are for the healing of the Land and the healing of those who come to help. It’s sacred space to “unplug” and reconnect with Nature and the spiritual side of your being. So, come to the woods and help to rebuild sacred space. You may find it to be an awesome win-win journey!


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