2018 Calendar of Weekends – at a Glance


30 - 1   Opening Weekend - Time to take a good look at what the 
         Winter has left us to do. Then we roll up our sleeves and
13 - 15  For this weekend we start weeding places we want to 
         plant.  IT is OHIO, so planting will take place a
         little later.  For now, let's look at where we want to
27 - 29  Mowing, weeding, clearing paths. Lots to do!
30       This is the DEADLINE for pre-registration for Goddess 
         Gathering - Thursday, June 21 - Sunday, June 24, 2018.
         Registrations postmarked by April 30th are $50 per
         person for the entire event OR $15 per person, per day.
         Any registration postmarked May 1st or beyond is FULL
         PRICE - $60 per person for the entire weekend OR $20 per
         person, per day.
11 - 13  Potential planting weekend.  We're in OHIO so it will
         depend on the weather.
25 - 28  MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND - This longer weekend provides time  
         for work and rest.  Mowing, weeding, planting continues  
         along with road repair, and even painting - depending on 
         the weather.
1 - 3    The calendar is counting down to Goddess Gathering. If 
         the weather has prevented some of the work, we have this 
         weekend to catch up.  What still needs to be done to make 
         this a pleasing experience for one and all?
15 - 17  Officially, the last weekend before Goddess Gathering.
         This is a time to mow campsites for those who are
         pre-registered and make sure there are fire rings and
         wood caches set up for them ahead of time.
21 - 24  GODDESS GATHERING!!! Come join us as we gather
         to celebrate Summer Solstice on Raven-Wolf Nature 
         Sanctuary! There will be an Opening, Main and Closing 
         ritual along with some workshops. Don’t miss the pot-luck
         feast and the drumming circle following the Main Ritual
         on Saturday night!
6 - 8    Clean-up after Goddess Gathering.  As we have seen in the
         past, not all Pagans are as "green-minded" as others.
         That being said, we want to check all the campsites and 
         make sure there is no garbage left behind.
20 - 22  Work and play to be determined by those who come to help.
3 - 5    Work and play to be determined by those who come to help.
17 - 19  Come work, rest, and play!  There's always something to  
         do. The woods offer healing energies for all who come.
8/31     LABOR DAY WEEKEND - Come to the woods and dance and make
- 9/3    merry music.  No work scheduled as a reward for all the
         hard work put in during the season.
14 - 18  Time to mow again and continue the gathering of firewood.
         On Raven-Wolf Land, this is a continuous job.
28 - 30  Let's focus on what we have. There are quite a few berry
         bushes bordering paths.  These should be cultivated and
         trimmed back to bring better fruits in the coming years.
         These fruits can be enjoyed by the human caretakers as
         well as the animals we protect
13 - 15  Time to take stock of supplies that need replenishing; 
         making sure tools are properly cleaned for winter
         storage; one last mowing before tools start migrating to
         their winter storage in garages up North
19 - 21  Here at Raven-Wolf, there are still power tools that need
         to be disassembled and loaded for transport to WARM   
         garages. It's also time for the tractor to be loaded and 
         go for a pick-up truck ride to winter storage.  Any one 
         willing to come and help will have our gratitude
2 - 4    CLOSING WEEKEND - Please check with us, this could end up
         being a Saturday day-trip to thank the Goddess and God 
         for a summer of fruitful work done to preserve our
         Sacred Space.  A time to ask them to watch over it 
         during the cold and dark winter months, and close the
         gates for this season.

Weather sometimes causes delays or cancellation of these weekends.
Contact information is on the Contact Information page.

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