Original Goddess Gathering Logo0001As the New Year approaches, we think of new beginnings or even “do-overs”. I guess you could say both are true of the upcoming year and Goddess Gathering. All those years ago, when Goddess Gathering first began, we had so many hopes and dreams. Some came true, others…not so much.

Sometimes it’s best to step back. Let go. Then see what there is to be seen. No one or no thing is ever truly perfect. Such is the story of Goddess Gathering. People, even Pagan, magickal people, are truly human – imperfect. Mistakes were made – some that hold regret for some of us. That was then….this is NOW.

The idea behind the original Goddess Gathering was to create an event where no one would be made to feel like an outsider; where people would be encouraged to bring their uniqueness and participate; where they would feel safe to be who they are and worship their spiritual path. After years of absence from the Pagan/Wiccan/magickal community, we return this year to offer you those things and more. We invite you to come and join like-minded people as we once more gather for the Summer Solstice on Pagan-owned and maintained land.

Goddess Gathering Reborn Logo

GODDESS GATHERING REBORN – June 17 – 26, 2016   Was a  10-day event  held at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary near Cambridge, Ohio. This was our rebirth. Our new beginning.

Goddess Gathering Logo
For 2021 and forward into the future, we are returning to how we were known for so many years. “Goddess Gathering” returns with the theme “ Solstice with the Goddess.” We hope you will join us!

Check out our Calendar of Events, most are “free” to those who are willing to come and work to get ready for the Gathering and to maintain the Land. See our Contact Page for who to reach out to and get information on how to get to us.

Be sure to print out and fill out an Emergency Medical Information Form before you come to the Land either for the Gathering or a work/camping weekend.

This article was originally published by CrowWLady in 2015 Updates have been made by medicinewoman13 and Lady Vesta.

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