Purchased in 1989 Raven-Wolf became the site of Goddess Gathering from 1990-1995.
In 1996, we went to an membership format for several reasons:

1. To protect the land from over-crowding;
2. To protect the land from being trashed by knowing who is using the land;
3. To promote a sense of closeness and community, and
4. To offer more events, mostly in the form of spiritual retreats and camping weekends.

For this reason, a cap of 150 adults on the land has been put in place for any event to avoid both over-crowding and abuse of Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary.


For the beginning of the 2021 season, our membership program is FROZEN. This is being done as we upgrade things in Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary Rules and Regulations.
       Currently All events, except for the Summer Solstice Gathering (Goddess Gathering), will be free of charge in hopes that you will come and help us to rebuild, improve and maintain this sacred site.  We ask only for your help in exchange for free camping in the beauty of Nature away from the busyness of mundane life.  Check out our “2021 Weekends at a Glance” page for more information.

This was updated by Lady Vesta February 2021. The article originally written by medicinewoman13.

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