Progress Continues…


If you haven’t been able to make it down to Raven-Wolf yet, you might wonder what, if anything, is happening there. Progress, that’s what’s happening – slow, steady, progress.

It would always be nice to have lots of hands to help, but the group at Raven-Wolf is dedicated to the upkeep and continued progress of improving the Land. These past several weekends down there were an example of that.

There are four cabins on the Land, besides a trailer or two, that have to be maintained just like a house needs upkeep. A couple of the cabins are maintained by permanent members but there are a couple that are also unoccupied. The upkeep of these falls to those who maintain the Land and any volunteers who are willing to lend a hand.

The first cabin that you see, when you drive up the hill, is the one called the “Elder” cabin. Named for the last permanent resident, an Elder in the Craft, it was the second one to be built on the Land close to 20 years ago.

After the Land officially reopened in the Spring of 2015, sites had to be cleaned of trash and leftovers from previous occupants. Later that season, the buildings were given a new coat of paint and basic repairs have been made since then. Not much else has been done, due to lack of funds and the capable hands of volunteers.

Over the course of the last several work/camping weekends down on the Land, and thanks to the hands of a number of wonderful people, the old shingles were taken off, new paper was tacked down, and new shingles were put in place on the Elder cabin. This past weekend caulking was done to seal up gaps and seams.

A big “Thank you!” goes out to: Mary Borden, Jennifer Borden, Aleda Borden, Rhonda Savage, Brian Nichols, Jacquie Daugherty, and especially Brian Daugherty, who you see in the picture putting the shingles on. We are very grateful for all your time and efforts!

RW = Elder Roof

RW - Elder Roof 2

This past weekend, they also got the kids involved in helping on the Land. Even the smallest were taught how use the manual log-splitter to split wood and then shown how to stack wood. Practical knowledge is a good thing.

There are still five work/camping weekends left in the season down at Raven-Wolf. The next one is September 14th – 16th. Free camping is still being offered to any who are willing to lend a hand however they are able. If you think you would be interested in spending a weekend, or even an afternoon, in Nature on a beautiful site, contact the Coordinator, Mary T. Borden, at 740-241-9340. You can call or text. If you do text, please put “Raven-Wolf” on it. She can tell you when the gates will open and even give you directions, if you need them. Come to the forest, you’ll be glad you did!


Love & Blessed Be

Wood-Cutting Weekend


What a difference a couple of weeks can make – especially here in Ohio! With the warmer, drier weather came many more people to help with the continuing efforts to get things in shape for the upcoming event – Goddess Gathering Reborn – that will be taking place at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary, June 17 -26, 2016.


Although it had been designated a wood-cutting weekend (and a good amount of wood did get cut and split), other projects were begun as well. That communal fire pit that sits next to registration had been dismantled at the beginning of the month to let the ground dry. This time around, things were leveled, a gravel based laid, and everything reassembled. Now comes repainting the benches that took a beating through the Winter. Paths that had become overgrown, due to lack of use and maintenance over the years, began to be cleared. More paths to go, but at least the work has begun.


DSCF0139.JPGThe Land has begun to attract many new people and we are very grateful for the interest and the help. We’re truly hoping the word will spread and many more will find their way to our little piece of sacred space. In the meantime, I want to sincerely say, “Thank you!” to everyone who took time out of their busy lives to come and be of help. Too many names this time to mention, but you know who you are and we are truly grateful.

We are now at the end of April so I wanted to remind you once more that if you intend on attending Goddess Gathering Reborn, and haven’t registered yet, May 31st is the deadline for pre-registrations that will save you money. Please remember we have a capacity of 150 adults and once we reach that number, no more registrations will be taken either by mail or. after May 31st, at the gate. Here’s the information again:

ENTIRE FESTIVAL – JUNE 17 – 26, 2016 (10 days)

March 22, 2016 – May 31, 2016 each adult person is $100.00

FESTIVAL RATES – 7 DAYS OR ANY PORTION (6/20/16 – 6/26/16)

March 22, 2016 – May 31, 2016 each adult person is $ 75.00

These can be obtained by registering on site during the festival for $25 per person, per pass.
Remember vendors only have to pay the entrance fee. No other fees are asked to be paid.

You will find registration forms here on the left side of this page under “Goddess Gathering Reborn – Festival Registration Form”. All forms must be postmarked no later than May 31, 2016.

If you have questions, you can ask them here on the web site or go to our Facebook page – Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary – and ask them there, or you can email us at You can also contact me either on Facebook (Samantha Herron) or email me at Lots of ways to get your questions answered.

The next work weekend is coming up this weekend, April 29th – May 1st or you can check our Calendar of Events at the left of this page for the other upcoming work weekends. Hope to see you there!
Until next time…


The Land Awakens

The Land awakens, Magick is afoot and the Goddess is alive!!!  It is time to open the land and to prepare for the camping season and the Goddess Gathering reborn.  A few of us went down a couple of weeks ago to check out the land to see what needed done and what damage the winter may have brought.  We had some new faces join us with some familiar ones.  We were shocked and happy to see that there wasn’t much damage and that the land was coming to alive.  The only things we found was four downed trees covering the path up Dragon Hill.
We had a new couple that got there first.  They went exploring a little bit and found a hand saw left out from last season and went to work to move a downed tree before anyone else even showed up and asked them to help.  As soon as the rest of us got there we explored and did a quick tour and got to work.  We were having troubles with the chain saw so we got to work using hand tools and pure muscle to move the downed trees to clear the roads.
With the few hands we had there we got a lot of work done and are ready to get things rolling.  What is there to be done you may ask.  Well there is quite a bit actually.  We need a latrine built and two others painted and converted to compost latrines.  Paths need cleared and fire wood needs cut and stacked.  Gravel needs to be placed on the paths and holes along the drive need filled.  Camp sites need cleared and flowers need planted.  These are just a few things that need accomplished. 
March 2016
When the rain and sunshine comes we will need fields mowed and paths trimmed.
Does this seem like a lot of work?  Of course it does but its well worth it and the more helping hands the better.  Is this work too hard for you to do?  That is ok, we can still use you.  WE need people to sit at the registration table, making sure that people are staying hydrated, being a communication person and keep tabs on people and projects, help prepare meals and keep the fires stoked so that others can work on other projects.  Everyone can help either with big projects or small ones.  The goddess and the land appreciates any and all help that can be given.
So come join the fun, fellowship and good hard (or not so hard) work.  Your help smiles and encouragement will always be welcomed.  Until next week and I see you on the Land.
Blessed Be,

The Gates Will Open Soon

Spring 3

Can you feel it? The first stirrings of the Earth have begun as it wakes from the sleep of Winter here in Ohio. Can you hear that? It’s the Goddess whispering of Her return. She’s calling to us, asking us to help Her.

Soon the first work weekend will take place at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary and preparations begin for the first Gathering at Summer Solstice to be held there in many years.

April 8 – 10 the gates open for the year and work on a long list of things that need to be done will start. I won’t lie. We need help. The more hands to do the work, the quicker it gets done and the more pleasant Goddess Gathering Reborn will be for all who attend. You may believe you have nothing to offer, in the way of help. Don’t sell yourself short. There’s things for people of all capabilities. Yes, we need help from people who can run a chainsaw, weed whacker, etc., but we also need people to clean and paint. We even need people who can cook or just sit the gate to greet new arrivals. If you want to add your energies to this revival of Pagan celebration, there’s something you can do, no matter what your physical capabilities. We could use your help.

Goddess Gathering Reborn is a gathering for Pagans, Wiccans and all other magickal people walking a positive path. It’s about coming together with like-minded people and celebrating our spirituality. It’s a safe place to come and become who you truly are away from all that’s mundane in your life.

We invite you to come and add your energies to ours in the rebuilding and rejuvenation of this wonderful Pagan-owned site and event. We look forward to seeing you and so appreciate anything you are willing and able to do to bring this dream back into manifestation!

Be sure to check out the “Calendar of Weekends” by clicking on the link at the left. You can contact us on our Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary Facebook page, or email us at You can also contact me either on Facebook (Samantha Herron) or email me at to obtain a map to the site or ask any questions you may have.

Mother Nature - A

Blessed Be

And the Wheel Turns…

DSCF0093Can it really be that we are only weeks away from the end of our first year of restoration? It hardly seems possible. Wasn’t that first weekend just a month or so ago?

It’s been almost 6 months since the work of restoring Raven-Wolf began. Our hopes had been that we would have lots of help and restoration would happen in no time flat. Although that hasn’t been the case, the few who have come have put their hearts and souls into it and worked their fannies off to boot. “Thank you.” hardly seems like words enough to express our gratitude for what you have done.

This past weekend was sort of impromptu. It wasn’t on the schedule, but some of us found time to be there. We recognize there is still plenty of work to be done if we are to open the Sanctuary next Summer Solstice for a festival that welcomes both new people and, hopefully, brings back those who spent Summer Solstice here in the past.

As I walked around the site, I could see camping areas being opened up again. It’s beginning to take on that “park-like” quality once more. There’s an air of friendly invitation beginning to loom. “Come visit. Come enjoy the peace that I offer.” If you listen closely, you can hear it whispered on the wind and through the trees. The Sanctuary longs for Pagans, Wiccans and other Magickal folk to come be part of the experience offered here once more.



There’s a wood-cutting weekend coming up October 16-18th. There’s plenty of dead trees to fell, wood to be cut up and stacked. Doing this ensures a good stock of seasoned wood for campfires for the next year. What’s even more important about all this is that there will be plenty of wood for the Summer Solstice bonfire! So, if you have a chainsaw or know how to run one, can swing an axe or use a hand saw, can stack wood or even would just be willing to cook a meal for workers or play water “boy” for those doing the wood cutting – we could use your help.


As you know, this past year has been a “freebie” for anyone who wanted to come down and lend a hand. Next year, when the gates open for the season, the prices for coming to the Land will be in place. Although we have been, for almost 20 years, a “membership only” Sanctuary, we want to give new people a chance to come and fall in love with this Land. For this reason, we are opening the gates to any Pagan, Wiccan or Magickal person who would want to come and visit or help. You will be able to register by mail or at the gate.

After the gates have closed for this season, probably after Hallowmas/Samhain, there will be lots of new information placed on this web site that will include the new Calendar of Events for 2016; prices for all events; how to apply for membership and how to register by mail for an event. Planning has already started for our main event – Summer Solstice. As those plans develop, we will place more information on the web site and network it out through Facebook, Twitter and any other avenues we can find. We hope it will also spread by word of mouth.

For now, the invitation still stands – Come join us! If not this season, then come when the gates reopen in the Spring. You can contact us on our Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary Facebook page, or email us at You can also contact me either on Facebook (Samantha Herron) or email me at

Come to The Woods 2Love & Blessed Be

At a Snail’s Pace

Snail's Pace 2This past Labor Day weekend was a three day weekend down on Raven-Wolf Land. There are only 3 or 4 more work weekends before the Land is closed down for the year.

Progress is still being made, albeit much slower than we had hoped. You see, we really thought more people, especially of the Pagan/magickal variety, would see the value in bringing back to life, and use, this wonderful piece of sacred space that has seen so many gather there in years gone by. Such has not been the case – and I mean to lay guilt-trips on any one here, just a statement of fact.

It’s kind of a puzzlement to me. You see, I hear lots of Pagans and others say they would love to have a place to go, a place to “unplug”, a place to gather with other like-minded people. One would think, with all that desire, there would be lots of folks contacting us for the specifics on how to get there, what needs done, how can they help. The silence is deafening.

So those of us who want it to see it restored, go when we can and do what we can. Progress continues. Whether there will be a 2016 Summer Solstice Gathering will depend on those willing to help and the amount of work that still needs doing. We’re not giving up hope, but more help would sure be appreciated and would make the possibility of that 2016 Summer Solstice Gathering more attainable and realistic.

This year, for helping, we are offering discounts on next year’s membership fees. This can still amount to 30% to 40% off next year’s fees, with the weekends that remain to do the clearing and repairs still to be done.

So what still does need doing? Well, there’s more painting to be done, more paths to be cleared, mowing continues, and there’s an outhouse to finish rebuilding. We’re clearing trash to a localized place so that in the Spring a large dumpster can be rented and the trash hauled away. Also, as the weather cools, there’s lots of dead wood to be taken down, cut and stacked. There are also signs that need repainting.

Our coordinator, Mary T. Borden, has been working to get our garden tractor/mower running again. By process of elimination, she’s come to the conclusion a new carburetor may be in order. With the tractor fixed, a lot more grass would be cut a lot quicker. That would free up hands for other projects.

Once everything is brought back to where it once was, then maintaining it will be much simpler and less time consuming. Have we made progress this year? Hells yes! Is there more to do? Without a doubt. Is it worth putting blood, sweat and tears into it? Well, for me, I would have to give a resounding “Yes!!!” Raven-Wolf is a place dedicated to the preservation of Nature and the preservation of the human spirit. It is here, close to Nature, without the distractions of everyday mundane life, that healing begins and the gentle voice of ones True Self is heard much more clearly. This alone makes it sacred space and this alone makes it well worth the time and effort it takes to restore it.

So I call out to you now and ask you to come away from the city, away from your computer, your phone and all else that is a distraction. Come experience what Raven-Wolf has to offer you. I truly believe you will be glad you did. You can contact us on our Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary Facebook page, or email us at You can also contact me either on Facebook (Samantha Herron) or email me at Ask for the next dates someone will be down there and request a map to the site. We will be very happy to meet and greet you and the Land will appreciate your help.

Come to the WoodsBlessed Be

Elder Maya

We Came, We Saw, We Painted!

DSCF0055It had been seven weeks since anyone had been to Raven-Wolf. It seemed like all we had done in April and May had been undone by Mother Nature Herself. Just like everywhere else in Ohio, plenty of rain had fallen creating glorious mud and lots of green growth as far as the eye could see.

There were only four of us this time, but we were determined to see how much we could do in the day we had allotted ourselves. So, it began with weed whacking to create spaces to stand in to paint the buildings and benches along with scraping and sweeping off the areas to be painted – beginning at the lower area of the Land.

We’d brought twelve gallons of paint, five brushes and a roller on a long pole. The storage shed and the lower outhouse were the first to be tackled. With all that rain, some areas of the buildings had to be left alone in hopes of drier times. For the most part, both received their first new coat of paint in more than a decade.

DSCF0057Once that was done, the three guys (Gary Herron, Del Smarr, Chris Peterson) went up the hill to work on the “Elder’s cabin”. More weed whacking was required to reach it and paint, but afterwards, well, it looked really good!

While they were up the hill, I started working on the registration area, including the picnic table that has sat there for probably 22 years. While I still need to paint the under side of the table, I think you’ll agree, it’s not looking too bad… DSCF0065

I pushed on next to the benches that sit around the communal fire. Having sat in all that rain, I was doubtful that they would be able to be painted at all. Fortunately, in the time it had taken to do the outhouse, shed and registration, the Sun had been shining down on them. Sadly, one of the benches, which I thought just had gotten a little moldy, had been invaded by ants and will have to have new back board put on it so there was no sense painting that one! Another bench remained too damp for painting, so I focused on the one that the Sun had dried out well. Granted, like the picnic table, the under side needs painting , but, this is the end result…

DSCF0064Not too bad, huh?

I walked up the hill to find that the guys had moved on to the what used to be the First-Aid deck. Although it didn’t get completed, a lot did get done and it looks good.


So that was our day at Raven-Wolf. We got there a little before 10 a.m. and left a little after 5 p.m. feeling like we had really accomplished something.

There is still a great deal to be done. Regular mowing and trimming, buildings to be repaired, an outhouse to finish rebuilding, downed trees to cut up and dead trees to bring down and, of course, finishing first coats of paint and then putting on second coats. The list goes on.

While people say they want to see Raven-Wolf come alive again and be a place of gathering, it takes people being willing to come for even a few hours to make that dream a reality. I realize most people lead very busy lives these days. I do myself. Look what four of us accomplished in less than seven hours. If we can do that much with four people, imagine what we could do with eight, or twelve or sixteen people! Just in one day!!!

We have gone off the schedule of work weekends and are going when we have time. If you would be willing to come, even for just one day, please contact us. Let’s see if we can match your schedule with one of ours and continue to bring Raven-Wolf back to life so we can all enjoy meeting and sharing on this sacred site next year!

Until we meet again…

Peace and SerenityLove & Blessed Be

Elder Maya

Come When You Can, Do What You Can

Goddess in SpringtimeEarth Day has come and gone. The Lady continues to spread Her Springtime gown. The weather is growing warmer. There is still much that needs done on the Land known as Raven-Wolf if we are to bring it back to a place where gatherings can once more be safely and pleasantly held there.

I’ve heard many say that due to health issues or other complications in their lives, they don’t feel they could be of any help or they couldn’t endure sleeping on the ground. These comments have come from both new people interested in what Raven-Wolf will have to offer in the future and from those who have been members for some time.

As I have stated before, I’m not the 42 year old that helped open that Land 25 years ago. Soon to be 67, my body does balk at sleeping in anything other than a comfy bed. Sitting at a computer 6+ hours a day and having arthritis makes doing any kind of physical work exhausting and, the next day, painful. But, you know what? That Land is a very special place and I want to be a part of restoring it. After the first work weekend, it took me four days to return to what is normal for me. It was a good soreness though. I felt like I had gone there and aided in the healing. However, being a practical Taurus, I realized that I had to find a compromise – one that allowed me to be part of this and still keep my body as happy as possible (and also keep up my responsibility to two cats who were freaked out by being left alone for 36+ hours). So, I gave it some thought and came to the conclusion that the best option for me was to go for the day and then return home to my cats and my bed to rest from whatever I am capable of doing to help heal this precious, sacred site.

It is here I would like to address the fact that although strong, young people are needed to do some of the work, there are other things that those with less strength can do to help. Can you rake? Can you take a bucket and sponge and clean? Can you cook? Can you pick up sticks or stack wood that others have cut? Can you sweep? Can you sit at the gate and be sure that new people are directed to where they need to go or that those who don’t belong at Raven-Wolf are turned away? There is so much that doesn’t require you to be a “lumberjack” or a “ditch digger”. I, myself, am mostly a “paper-pusher” these days. So be aware that we could use people that can raise funds, promote the Land and our web sites, write articles and more.

There are a certain number of campers and cabins available on a “first come, first serve” basis right now. So if you are not able to sleep on the ground or don’t have the equipment to do so, check on the availability of these limited spaces with Mary Borden. If that still isn’t something you can do, then think about doing what I will be doing – come for the day. Saturday would be the best bet. The gates open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. That’s 12 hours that could be devoted to helping in whatever way you are able and you can still return home to sleep comfy in your own bed.

Once we restore the Land, then maintenance will take far less time and less people. Right now, however, I ask you to consider or re-consider what, when and how you might be able to help in this large task that faces us. The end result will be that next year you will see a schedule of actual events with the Summer Solstice Gathering being the primary big gathering of the year where you will experience workshops, rituals, a potluck ritual feast with a big bonfire and drumming to follow. Is this not something worth working towards and being a part of? I think it is and I hope you do to.

The Goddess calls…

Mother Nature - A

Blessed Be,

Elder Maya

The First Work Weekend – Restoration Begins

DSCF0415It was obvious, when you looked from the Sanctuary driveway, that Guernsey county had gotten a lot of rain. Granted, I hadn’t been there for over a decade, but it had been another decade on top of that since I’d seen flooding in the valley that lies between us and Pennyroyal Rd. on the other side. Especially since they had dredged Skull Fork Creek.

Seeing that flooding, certainly explained the muddy condition on the Sanctuary road, preventing most cars from heading up the hill. Only Dave’s 4×4 would make it up the hill. The rest of us had to park at the bottom and haul stuff up “Dragon Hill”. (Smile) Just like when it all originally began. Yup, Mother was/is taking us back to the beginning.

Since the times of regular gatherings, there has been much wood come down from wind and lightning strikes. All the paths that led you out into various areas of this sacred site have been covered with many layers of leaves and blocked by some of that fallen wood.

DSCF0438All the cabins are still standing and the trailers that still reside there are in fairly good shape. Two of the three double-seater outhouses still stand in good shape. The third has had a tree come down on it, but is being rebuilt. (Thank you, Dave.)
I felt like I was on an archaeological dig when some of us went to the Lower Circle to clean it up. The four pillars, marking the Watchtowers, are still standing and in good condition. Amazingly, the chimenea, that stands in the South, was not only still there, but in good condition as well. The flat stones, that had been transported there years ago by us, were hidden – buried, if you will – by leaves and composted earth from years of not being used or cared for. Briars were growing everywhere, both inside and outside the Circle. We did our best, for now, in removing those briars, raking away the leaves and beginning to uncover those buried stones. It’s a start. DSCF0455

Originally, I had painted the “Rules” signs. They sorely need repainting. I’m hoping we have a new artist out there who would be willing to donate time and maybe even materials to redo them.

Much of what still needs doing involves sawing, chopping, stacking that wood that’s down. Mary’s even marked dead trees that need taking down. Those will require a chainsaw. If anyone has one they would be willing to come and use, we would be most grateful.

DSCF0412Please don’t think that this is some kind of “downer” article. Yes, there is a lot that needs doing, but none of it is beyond hope or repair. What is need is help – both physical and financial. We will soon be creating a page on where people can use their debit and credit cards to help with the financial part. As for the physical part, we could use all the help we can get to make this go as quickly as possible. The end result will be a restored sacred site where regular scheduled gatherings will once again take place along with continued work weekends for maintenance.

In the meantime, a BIG “Thank you!” goes out to all those who have already contributed time, effort and/or money to this cause. Yes, we’ve notice and we are extremely grateful!!!

For those who couldn’t make it this time, the next work weekend will be from 3 p.m. on April 24th to 3 p.m. on April 26th.


Blessed Be,

Elder Maya/Samantha Herron