Do You Hear That? It’s Summer Solstice Approaching!

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It’s really hard to believe but we are only 31 days from the start of Goddess Gathering Reborn!!! That also means we are only 14 days from the close of early registrations!

If you plan on attending the rebirth of an old and dear celebration of the Summer Solstice, and you want to be able to do it as cheaply as possible, then you have a mere two weeks to get your registration postmarked to us.

If circumstances are such that you are unsure whether you will be able to attend or don’t know how long you will be able to attend, then rest assured that there will be registrations taken at the gate. We accept cash, checks and money orders only for right now. No credit, debit or other forms of electronic payment can be taken.
Although the prices are listed on the web site, here’s a list of what to expect, both for registering early and at the gate:

ENTIRE FESTIVAL – JUNE 17 – 26, 2016 (10 days)

March 22, 2016 – May 31, 2016 each adult person is $100.00

FESTIVAL RATES – 7 DAYS OR ANY PORTION (6/20/16 – 6/26/16)

March 22, 2016 – May 31, 2016 each adult person is $ 75.00

These can be obtained by registering on site during the festival for $25 per person, per pass.
Remember vendors only have to pay the entrance fee. No other fees are asked to be paid.

You will find registration forms here on the left side of this page under “Goddess Gathering Reborn – Festival Registration Form”. All forms must be postmarked no later than May 31, 2016.

If you have questions, you can ask them here on the web site or go to our Facebook page – Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary – and ask them there, or you can email us at You can also contact me either on Facebook (Samantha Herron) or email me at Lots of ways to get your questions answered.
May 15, 2016

May 15, 2016-3






In the meantime, there’s still lots of work to be done to get ready! The rain has caused a lot of grow that needs mowing and weed-whacking. As you can see from the pictures above, work has begun on tearing apart the old camper to get rid of it and make things safer. The floor frame will then be used to build a bunkhouse for those who want to rent some sleeping space for the night.

There are two free camping weekends still to come before Goddess Gathering Reborn takes place. All we ask is that you come and help with the things that still need doing to prepare for this event:

May 27 – 30               Memorial Day Weekend is a long weekend that allows us to keep things maintained while also doing things that haven’t been taken care of yet. We invite you to join us as we continue to prepare for the Gathering at Summer Solstice.

June 3 – 5                    We call this our “Busting Butt” weekend since we are only a couple weeks away from Summer Solstice and  seek out those “last minute” things that really should be done. There’s gravel for the entrance to make sure everyone gets in the gate okay. Come join us!

We very much desire this first Gathering in such a long time to be one filled with good events that create good memories. We really could use your help. Even if you think there’s nothing you can do, you might be surprised at the help your very presence might lend to making this happen!

PLEASE BE SURE TO CONTACT US FOR MAPS TO THE SITE even if you only think you might be coming. We’re out in the woods after all, and not easy to find.

Until we meet on the Land…

Come to the woods 2

Love & Blessed Be

The Land is Officially Open!


The first official work weekend took place this last weekend with Mother Nature testing the determination of those few brave souls who came to help with the preparations for the upcoming Goddess Gathering Reborn event.

Rain, followed by snow and cold temperatures made this work weekend interesting to say the least. But there were some hardy individuals who came to the call of the Land and helped to cut more downed wood and split it along with folding tarps, putting a new sign at the well, starting the rebuilding of the communal fire and surveying the site for the work that still needs to be done in coming weeks.

A BIG “Thank you!” goes out to Mary T. Borden, Del Smarr, Ray Taylor, Amber Emler, Rhonda Savage and her son, and Gary Herron for coming out and helping!


About that sign at the well… The hand-pumped well that’s our source of water at Raven-Wolf has been in use for over 20 years. Every year the well is chlorinated, but, because it is an “open” well, the health department of Guernsey County has told us that we must post a sign warning people to drink at their own risk. For this reason alone, we have posted the sign.


For those of us who have been working and celebrating on the Land for decades, we have drunk from the well and never experienced anything bad happening to us as a result. Others, who have never drank from an open, hand-pumped well, may feel apprehensive about it. This is only something you can decide. Know, however, that the well is safe to drink from, but if you are not inclined to do so, you will need to bring your own drinking water any time you come to visit us.

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I wanted to also remind everyone that, if you want to pre-register for Goddess Gathering Reborn, there are registration forms available here on the web site. We do have a cap of 150 adults so registering a head of time is something to really consider. You will also save money by registering by May 31st.

ENTIRE FESTIVAL – JUNE 17 – 26, 2016 (10 days)

March 22, 2016 – May 31, 2016 each adult person is $100.00

FESTIVAL RATES – 7 DAYS OR ANY PORTION (6/20/16 – 6/26/16)

March 22, 2016 – May 31, 2016 each adult person is $ 75.00

These can be obtained by registering on site during the festival for $25 per person, per pass.

Remember vendors only have to pay the entrance fee. No other fees are asked to be paid.


There’s still more downed wood to take care of, gravel to lay on the driveway, benches to paint along with the inside of the outhouses, trash to clean up and a camper to tear down, besides one outhouse that needs to be finished building and two others that need converting to composting, more camping spaces to clear and clearing the bonfire area. We would truly appreciate all the help we can get!

There’s an unofficial work weekend happening April 15 – 17 and another scheduled work weekend April 22 – 14. If you’ve never been to the Land before, contact me (Samantha Herron) on Facebook for directions and I will email you maps to the site. It will give us a chance to meet each other and for you to see the beautiful place we’re working to restore.

Until next time…

The Woods

Love & Blessed Be

Elder Maya

Not Just Another Raven-Wolf Work Weekend

DSCF0066The Sun was shining and the ground was dry as we entered the gate on Saturday morning. A few had already arrived and were in the process of opening the gate as we pulled up to the edge of the driveway. Today, there would be seven of us and we were determined to see how much could be done before we all had to leave toward evening.

It had been five weeks, this time, since anyone had been down and things had pretty much grown up again. There wasn’t much mowing equipment to work with – one gas-powered weed whacker and one mower, both brought by volunteers, but people set to work anyway. Someone grabbed a hand weed whacker and started doing what he could as well.



The rest grabbed brushes and paint and set about trying to complete the job of painting that had begun the last time. We did manage to get a few things completed: the first-aid station, the upper outhouse, the bridge across the drainage dish and a few benches, but there are still picnic tables, more benches and another outhouse (once the rebuilding is complete) to paint.

DSCF0079  DSCF0078

A lot of mowing and weed-whacking got done (just look behind the bridge in the picture), but then the throttle cable on the mower broke and the weed-whacker decided it was done for the day as well. So, there’s still a lot that needs doing. The proof of that is the pond. Here’s what it looked like at the end of May and also how it looks now. Yes, more time, more equipment and more volunteers are definitely needed to maintain this lovely, sacred site.

RW Pond May 2015  DSCF0084

We felt good though. For seven people with little equipment, we got a lot done before we decided it was time to stop. You always feel a sense of accomplishment when you realize how much was done with so little. The bonus is that you touched the Earth, you gave back, and you sweated off a pound or two to boot!

As most were cleaning up brushes and packing up equipment and other items, the Coordinator, Mary, came in with her daughter, Jen and Jen’s new baby, Sean. They planned to see what they could do for a little while. We talked about equipment needed and what needed to be done on many levels to make Summer Solstice Gathering 2016 happen to celebrate the rebirth of the Sanctuary.

Yes, there is still much to do, but, you know what? It IS doable!!! We will find a way, just as we always have. We invite you to join us on this adventure. We could use the help. Here’s the thing though…. Once you step foot on this Land, you will see the reasons why we care so deeply for it and want to restore it. The Land has a way of capturing your heart and pulling you in. As we help heal it, it heals us in so many ways and on so many levels. It’s a place where you can leave your mundane problems at the gate and share some time with Nature. You may leave tired, but there will be a smile on your face and in your heart. The Land believes in giving back to those who come to heal Her.

If I’ve peaked your curiosity and you feel you might want to come and help, you can contact us on our Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary Facebook page or email us at You can also contact me either on Facebook (Samantha Herron) or email me at Ask for the next dates someone will be down there and request a map to the site.

In the meantime, I want to profusely thank the following people for all their hard work last Saturday – Del, Joslyn, Crystal, Ed, Ray, Gary, Mary and Jen. You folks are absolutely awesome!!!

Thank you 7Love & Blessed Be

Elder Maya

The Garage Sale Continues!

Hello Folks! It’s me again. We’ve sold some of the many items we have for fund-raising, but still have many choices to offer. I’ve put prices on them in hopes of enticing some of you to get your wallets out and donate to the rebuilding of Raven-Wolf.

DSCF0009There deep red Chalices have a clear stem and base. They stand 7 ¼” tall with a 4” Chalice mouth. They have a nice weight to them. $15 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0012These olive green Chalices have a mottled effect to them. They stand 7 ½” tall and have a Chalice mouth of 4”. $12 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0013There are three of these green oak leaf Chalices, which we would like to sell together. They stand 6 ½” tall with a 4 ¼” mouth. They are heavy in weight. $15 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0014Lavender glass stands on top of clear stems and bases with these 6 ½” Chalices that have a 4’ mouth opening. $15 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0047Black fluted glass Chalices that stand 6” high with a 3 ½” mouth. These are a sturdy weight and very pretty. $12 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0016Light-weight green glass Chalices are trimmed with gold rims. They stand 7” high and have a 2 ¾” mouth opening. $15 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0017There are 3 of these clear glass Chalices that have 2 ¾’ mouth openings that are rimmed in gold. A white winter snow scene adorns each. They stand 8” high. $18 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0050Light-weight, smoky gray glass. These Chalices stand 6 ½” tall and have a 3 ¼’ mouth opening. $10 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0046Made of black glass, these Chalices are two sizes. One stands 9” tall with a 2 ½” mouth, while the other is 10” tall with a 2 ¾” mouth. Light in weight, they are very nice. $15 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0018White wood candlesticks that stand 7 ¼” tall are made for tapers and would look nice on any Altar. $10 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0019Hefty-weight brass candlesticks. They stand 6 ¼” tall and are nice for holding tapers. $25 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0020These two 4” high clear glass candlesticks would look nice holding tapers on anyone’s Altar. $10 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0021Black metal candlesticks made for holding pillar candles. They stand 3 ¾” high and would easily hold a 3” pillar candle. $10 plus shipping & handling
DSCF0024Green glass candlesticks that stand 4 ½” tall and are made for tapers. Very nice. $10 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0025These black glass candleholders could be used as mini Chalices! They stand 4 ½” high and are used for votive candles. (Two votives are included.) $10 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0029Beautiful blue and gold wooden (we think) box. It measures 6”H x 9”W x 6” D. The clasp is DSCF0030brass $5 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0031This clear glass vase would be nice for a flower or two on your Altar. It stands 9” tall. $3 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0032Slightly different in shape, this is also a clear glass vase. It stands 9 ½” tall. $3 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0034White opaque glass oak leaf Chalice stands 6 ½’ high and has a 4 ¼” mouth opening. $5 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0035This solitary white ceramic candleholder stands 4 ½” tall and will easily hold a 4” pillar candle. $5 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0036Made of olive green class, this oak leaf bowl stands 5 ½” tall and has a 6 ¼” mouth. By placing sand in it, it could be used as a Thurible. $5 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0038Pale green in color, this glass candlestick will easily hold a 3” pillar candle. It stands 4 ¾” high. $3 plus shipping & handling

DSCF003910 ½” tall, clear glass decanter would work well for wine or water! $5 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0040Native American shaman/medicine man stands 10 ½” high. Made of either wood or polymer, it is definitely not ceramic. $10 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0041This white ceramic basket is not solid. It would make a nice bowl or basket for offerings on an Altar. $5 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0042Heavy weight, clear glass candleholder looks like a glacier (pretty cool). It stands 3” high and will hold a 1” pillar candle or votive. $3 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0043Metal Star tree-topper could also be an Altar decoration. It stand 12 ¼” high and has 12 stars cut into it. There is a 1 ½” opening in the stem for placement on a tree. $5 plus shipping & handling

DSCF0394There are still many, many books left and there’s even been some “new” ones added on the Tarot. The books haven’t been priced and will continue to be sold, for now, on what you feel you are willing to pay for the ones you want. If we have to sent them to you, there will be shipping and handling so keep that in mind when you make your offer.
We truly appreciate the generosity of the people who have purchased items. What we raise so far has paid for paint and brushes to repaint the buildings, benches and picnic tables. That project has been begun and will hopefully be completed on August 15th.

We also send our sincere thanks out to those who have volunteered their time and energy in the continuing efforts to re-create the nature sanctuary known as Raven-Wolf. Thank you so very much!

If you are interested in any of these items, contact us. You can reach us on Facebook at either “Memories of Raven-Wolf” or “Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary”. You can also email us at You can also contact me either on Facebook (Samantha Herron) or email me at

Please be sure to share this with others! Thanks, in advance, for your contribution to the growth and revitalization of a wonderful sacred space!

May the GoddessLove and Blessed Be

Elder Maya

What’s on the Land?

RW Site Map0001If you’ve never been to Raven-Wolf or you’ve been there this year and all the rain has kept you from finding out what exists on the Land, I offer up this site map to show you what was recreated and is now in the process of being restored.

We’ve used the 16 acres that make up Raven-Wolf in what we considered the best possible way for both the enjoyment of its human members & guests and to keep as much of a “natural” energy to it for the pleasure of the wildlife that lives there all the time.

One of our policies has been to avoid cutting live trees whenever possible. If there’s any way to prevent that from happening, we try our best to use it. Right now, there is more than enough downed wood and dead trees to keep campfires burning for some time, we only need cut it.

At the turn of this century (I can’t believe I just said that!), we added a play area for children that included the building of playground equipment such as a teeter-totter, swings, and a slide. All these need painting and fixing but still exist in the area marked “P” on the map for future children to use.

Back in the woods, you will find the “Grandfather Tree”. This was the biggest tree left standing after the Land was logged out, before we bought it. The only thing that saved it is a huge burl on the tree. We’ve honored that tree by building a huge chair at its base for storytelling. There are/were small benches for children to sit on and listen to whomever would choose to be the storyteller.

Originally, the bonfire and drumming circle was in the Main Ritual Area, but because of our respect for those who need a little quiet in order to sleep themselves or get their children to sleep, the bonfire was moved to the back of the property in the area marked “K”. This area needs work. It hasn’t been high priority so far but we will get to it. There are even benches (that need painting) for those who come to enjoy the fire and the drumming to sit on!

There are three two-seater outhouses on the Land that we have hopes of converting to DYI composting operation some time soon. The one in the Main Ritual Area is under construction after being hit by a falling tree several years ago. These also need painting and are on our “To Do” list.

Besides the Main Ritual Area, where the Opening, Main, and Closing Rituals for the Summer Solstice Gathering are held, there is the Lower Ritual Circle that can be used for private rituals of either individuals or small groups. You’ll find it marked “L” on the map, near Registration.  Although a lot of clean-up has been done here, we still have a few things that need doing to make it usable again.

Most of the campers and cabins that exist on the Land need work done and there are a few of these that could be used/rented by people coming to spend time on the Land once they are restored. If you have an interest in restoring one of them for your own use or that of others, I would say contact Mary Borden about how to make that happen.

The hill that takes you from the entrance level of the Land to the upper level has been called “Dragon Hill” for years. More appropriately, it’s really “Draggin’ Hill” because if you walk it, it’s guaranteed your ass will be dragging when you get to the top! It’s a good healthy workout and after you’ve done it for a while, you can actually do it without puffing and panting.

Well, that’s a brief tour of Raven-Wolf. Here’s hoping your curiosity has been peaked enough to come and see it for yourself. Although it remains a ‘work in progress’ as we continue to restore it, it is beautiful and peaceful. Come visit, won’t you?

scan0009Love & Blessed Be

Elder Maya

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is usually thought of a day, or weekend, when we remember and honor those who have served in the military of our country. We take a moment to pay homage to those who fought and died so that the rest of us can remain free. This is as it should be.

As we take those moments to honor our members of the military, I would like to take a moment to honor another group of people. Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary has been around for 25 years now. During the course of that time, we have seen many people come and go. The ones that we miss the most are the ones who came, gave and who have now crossed the Bridge of Light. To these fine souls, I have come this day to give recognition and pay tribute.

Lew MorrisThe first time I had the pleasure of meeting Lew Morris was when he and his wife, Kathy, drove onto the Sanctuary Land at the time of our first Gathering there. They were driving a truck with 55-gallon barrels of water on it because they had heard we had no water on site yet and they wanted to help. That act of generosity allowed people to have water to wash and cook that otherwise might not have been available.
Lew was a gentle soul who did whatever he was able and always had good conversation for those who sat to talk with him. In 2005, he was the first of our losses and is missed.
ChuckMA27552739-0001A number of years would roll by before we would suffer another loss. Chuck Pugh, known to many as “Lord Pan” or just “Pan” had a very creative and inventive mind. That ability helped immensely in the beginning stages of building on the Land when money was scarce. Taking downed wood, lashing it together to make a framework, he then hung tarps over the frame and created the first outhouses for use on the Land. Almost any building standing on the Land he had a hand in building.
Sadly, we lost Pan in August, 2010. The restoration of the Land will not quite be the same without him. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War, having served in the Navy at the time.
HawkOnly a little over two years would pass before we would lose another of the Land’s builders. In September, 2012, Paul Emler, known to almost everyone as “Hawk” took that journey across the Bridge of Light. His campsite remains empty and the Land seems so empty without his presence. With Pan, Hawk use his own brand of creativity to create benches, torch towers for the Lower Ritual Circle, a playground for the children and so much more. We honor that creativity and will miss that smile.
John LindbergMere months would go by when we would receive word that another of the original people was lost to us. John Lindberg, a veteran of the Vietnam War and Wiccan, returned to Summerland in December, 2012. From the beginning, John helped however he was able and always had very good ideas to share. We are saddened by the loss of this spiritual Brother.
Lady CerridwenDebra Lindberg, known to everyone as Lady Cerridwen or “Lady C”, just recently left us. In October, 2014, she slipped away from us. Without the help of this woman and her mother, the Land may not have continued to exist. When our land contract was almost up and we needed funding to continue, Cerridwen convinced her mother to loan us the money so the Land would be ours. She continued to aid those on the Land with wise counsel for years. We owe her so much. She will sorely be missed as we restore the Land to the sacred space it was meant to be.

We are all growing older and our lives are so impermanent. Recognition needs to be given, not just on one particular day of the year, but often, to those who contribute to our lives in their own special way.

This holds true for the many who are still with us in this physical reality, but have chosen not to return, for whatever reason. There have been so many who have contribute to the establishment and building of this sacred space we call Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary. Although there are too many names to mention here, we know who you are and we remember and honor your contribution to this very special place. Perhaps some day, you will decide to return so that we can tell you how much we appreciate what you have done to create what we have. In the meantime, “Thank you.”

As we continue to build, restore, and revive the Land, it is good to remember the foundation upon which this was built and all who contributed to it. Blessed Memorial Day.

Love & Blessed Be

Elder Maya