The Gates Open in Three Weeks!


Our Coordinator, Mary T. Borden, says she’s been getting calls already from some who are anxious to get down to the Land. Good news! In just three weeks, the gates open for the first camping/work weekend at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary.

Just like every other year, if you’re willing to help with the work to maintain the site and prepare for the upcoming Goddess Gathering Reborn at Summer Solstice, your camping is free! In case you may not be aware of it but your help this year can bring you a discount in the price of attendance to next year’s (2020) Goddess Gathering . There have been some who have lent a hand to the point where they get free attendance! It’s all definitely a win-win situation. There’s always plenty to do, no matter what your capabilities are.

This first weekend is predicted to be mild during the day and cold at night. If you do intend to stay overnight, be sure to have plenty of warm clothing, blankets, and sleeping bags. Sturdy shoes, gloves, and a hat are also recommended along with layered clothing. Fires are permitted in the provided ringed areas.

If you’ve never been to Raven-Wolf, know that it is primitive camping. There is a hand pump for water, at the bottom of the hill. Bathrooms are latrines that are slowly being converted to composting toilets. There is no electricity right now, but the desire is to have solar panels sometime in the future. The closest convenience stores are five miles away. So, come prepared.

This first weekend, March 29 – 31, will be one of discovery. Winter usually takes its toll on the trees, at the very least, so it’s good to walk the Land and see what trees may have come down and any other damage that may have taken place from their fall or the fall of branches from them. We are usually fortunate in not having major building damage often and the wood that has come down provides firewood for cooking fires and bonfires during camping weekends and the Gathering at Summer Solstice. Plans are then usually discussed as to what the priorities will be moving forward to the festival taking place.

If Winter has you anticipating Spring and wanting to get out and away from the busyness of where you live and work, into Nature, to reconnect with it and the peace that it offers, come see us. We’d be pleased to meet you!

Be sure to check out the rest of our web site for information on how to contact us if you have questions, the registration form for Goddess Gathering Reborn 2019, our Calendar of Events and more!


Love & Blessed Be

A Note from the Coordinator

Sean said Pretty 033018.jpg

Hey everyone,
Spring has sprung in Ohio. That means we are starting up our work weekends to get the Land ready for visitors. As always there is PLENTY of chainsaw work to be done. The Goddess was kind to us this Winter/ While there are several newly fallen trees, there was no structural damage to any of our buildings. She laid a tree down just missing the outhouse at the bottom of the hill. There was minor damage to one of the benches around the lower community fire circle. A new board and some fresh paint, once the weather warms enough for painting, and it will be just fine.

Look for the Calendar of Events on the left of this page and click on it to see when those work weekends are happening. You can double check with me about doming down to help either overnight or for a day trip via email at or by phone or text at (740) 241-9340.

Please also be reminded that NO One is to be down at the Land ALONE! While it is tempting to just pop in and walk around the gate, this is a DANGEROUS practice, hence the rule! I don’t want t come open the gate to find any human casualties.

Be advised that while it is Spring, we ARE in Ohio. Nighttime temperatures can still drop down into the LOW 30’s! If you plan on staying overnight, we highly recommend WINTER-RATED gear! There is also the option of a Cabin for the weekend. It is on a “First-Come, First-Serve” basis for the small fee of $5 per night. If your not sure your gear meets those requirements, give me a call and I can help you check or give some pointers on making a warm bedroll. Be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. It is even more important in colder weather because you don’t realize how much water you are losing during the day.

ANNOUNCEMENT: There will NOT be a work weekend May 11-13, 2018! That is Mother’s Day Weekend! Go enjoy some time with your mother if she is still on this earthly plane!

Moonrise 033018.jpg

Until I see you at the Land, Be Safe,
Lady Vesta


And Then There Was Firewood

A005[1]s people began to arrive for the wood-cutting weekend, on October 17th, the first thing that greeted them was that one of the trees marked to be cut down had already fallen, nearly missing the outhouse at the bottom of the hill.

015It was obvious that the Goddess had placed Her hand into the event, with the tree missing the outhouse by mere inches. That’s always been how things had worked, for the most part, on the Land. We could never say that “bad” things never happened, but they almost always could have been much worse. Some, this tree falling, were truly miracles.

Obviously, that made this the first tree that needed to be taken care of, so the cutting began. More chainsaws and more hands could really have been used, but as is always done, the best was done with who and what was available to work with.


A BIG “Thank you!” goes out to Gary C. Herron, Del Smarr, Jean Alberts and John from West Virginia for coming and doing what you could to help in the cause.


That was the last official work weekend for the year. Although not as much was accomplished as was hoped, progress was definitely made and we appreciate so much those who came when they could and did what they could this year.

We’re still very much hoping to hold a Summer Solstice gathering in 2016. We’ve decided to return to the original name that got it all started at Summer Solstice in 1983 – Goddess Gathering – with a slight twist. Watch for news about Goddess Gathering Reborn 2016.

If you come to the web site in the months to come, you will see not only news about Goddess Gathering Reborn, but a new calendar of work weekends and other events along with updated membership information and forms. There will also be a special form, appearing soon, for Goddess Gathering Reborn done especially for those who are only interested in attending this event. Prices and deadline dates will be included in the information.

So, until those pages and forms are ready, I wish you a fabulous Samhain/Hallowmas!

Hallowmas 2Love & Blessed Be

Being Prepared—First Aid

Raven-Wolf is definitely primitive camping and almost 20 miles from the nearest hospital or AMA doctor. Natural remedies are always best, but if you don’t have your comfrey leaves (for a poultice) or feverfew (tea for headache), the items below can be essential for a safe and happy camping experience.

I found the article below at for a simple and effective first aid kit.

)0(  )0(   )0(

Packing a camping first aid kit and knowing how to use it is an essential element for a fun and safe trip. The adventures of living outdoors come with a fair amount of risk and it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to planning for these conditions.

Your camping first aid kit should be small and compact, while still being able to fix the injuries you may encounter. Take a moment to ask yourself some questions about your trip to see what items you should pack:

  • Are you doing a lot of walking?
    If you’re trip involves a lot of trails, hiking, and walking through the woods, you might want to consider items that treat blisters, twisted ankles, poison ivy, scrapes and cuts.
  • Will you have a campfire or other exposed flame?
    Burns can be extremely painful and serious if not treated and protected. If you’re camping with kids, it’s a challenge to keep them a safe distance from the fire and the fire ring of rocks can get extremely HOT! Having some burn gel, gauze pads, first aid cream, and tape is good idea to have if you’re around the camp fire.
  • What critters do you expect to encounter?
    Depending on when and where your camping trip takes you, you’ll likely be sharing the woods with some pesky little critters. Tweezers to remove ticks, alcohol pads, Benadryl cream for bug bites & bee stings, and any allergy serums are good things to have. If you’re going out into areas where snake encounters are likely, a snake bite kit may also be wise to pack.
  • Plan for the “what-ifs?”
    I’ve found that it’s always helpful to have some travel size pain-killers in my camping first aid kit. Things like Ibuprophen, Sudafed, and Tums can ease unwanted discomforts when you’re away from home. I’ve also got in the habit of packing a small bottle of chewable aspirin in my pack which can assist in clearing blockages of heart attack victims.

The list below is a list of recommended items for your camping first aid kit.

First Aid Kit

Item Quantity
Band aids, ¾” 5
Band aids, 1” 5
3” x 3” gauze pads 5
4” x 4” gauze pads 5
Triangular bandage 1
Gauze roll, 2” wide 1
Adhesive tape, roll 1
Antiseptic wipes, packets 10
Antibiotic cream, tube 1
Motrin, tablets 20
Chewable aspirin, small bottle 1
Sudafed, tablets 12
Antacid tablets, roll 1
Tweezers 1
Burn cream, packets 5
Benadryl cream, small tube 1
Caladryl lotion, travel size 1
Elastic ACE bandage, roll 1
Safety pins 7

Many outdoor and retail stores sell nice kits in zipper pouches that allow you to expand, like the one pictured above. You could also use something as simple as a zip-lock bag or small toiletry kit.

Whatever your camping first aid kit contains, put some thought into it, pack it, and hopefully you won’t have to use it!

Lady CrowW

Pagans, and Witches and….mosquitoes, Oh My!!!!

Vinegar of the Four Thieves Insect Repellent Ingredients:

  • 1 32 ounce bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2 TBSP each of dried Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme and Mint
  • At least quart size glass jar with airtight lid

How to Make the Vinegar of the Four Thieves Insect Repellent:

  1. Put the vinegar and dried herbs into large glass jar.
  2. Seal tightly and store on counter or place you will see it daily. Shake well each day for 2-3 weeks.
  3. After 2-3 weeks, strain the herbs out and store in spray bottles or tincture bottles, preferably in fridge.
  4. To use on skin, dilute to half with water in a spray bottle and use as needed.
  5. Use whenever you need serious bug control!

[Note: This mixture is very strong and has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It can also be used as a tincture for any illness. For adults, dose is 1 TBSP in water several times a day,for kids over 2, dose is 1 tsp in water several times a day.


Yes, Virginia, there are mosquitoes at Raven-Wolf. They have their place in Nature, but they are irritating, nasty little buggers. For those of you who do not want to use Deet, the above recipe works quite well. It is really nice to wait till you need to use it, then add cold water (step 4). Very refreshing!

Speaking of water, until the well is tested, we will need to bring in our own water. Bottled water for drinking is always easiest but remember “carry it in, carry it out.” Take home any trash. There is no trash man that collects our leftovers. That includes no burning of plastic, Styrofoam plates or cups, diapers, or any non-biodegradable product.

Having a cleaning station already set up makes life a little simpler. We will be getting dirty! Here is a simple solution…

two laundry soap containers that have a spout and a spigot.
a roll of paper towels

Fill both containers with water, and put the soap of your choice in one of them (Dawn works well and can be used for dishes or hands). Fill the second container with clean water for rinsing. Set them up side by side on a table, a log, or the back of your pickup. Insert the paper towels in one of the handles. Voila! You can use another of these for drinking liquid. Just be sure to rinse it out very well (and label them) before filling it with anything you are going to ingest.

One more little tidbit. If any of you are like me, coffee in the morning is a must!! There is this wonderful little gadget called a Melitta. All you need is your favorite coffee blend or tea bag, and boiling water. Very simple, quite cheap, and almost as good as a Bunn!

Being prepared when primitive camping really makes life easier. Next week I’ll be posting more tips for work weekends at Raven-Wolf!

See you there!

Lady CrowW




“We look upon the sun and we rejoice in it’s renewal.
Come! Enter our Circle.
Be with us!”

This land, this nature sanctuary, this place of community, is sanctified by the blood, sweat and tears of those who have gone before. We are not there now; the snows and bitter cold gives the earth down time, a time of rest before renewal.

But I can imagine the first stirrings that signal the coming season. The earth shivers quietly, shaking awake those seedlings that came to rest in the fall. The renewal of the sun spreads a growing warmth to the tree tops, sending messages down through the trunk, through the roots and into the soil that holds the memories of our ancestors. Soon! Soon the awakening!

There is power in those memories waiting to be tapped and recycled, drawn up with our ritual and veneration, with our blessings and our work. Raven-Wolf is definitely a labor of love and as with the season, there is a quickening now. An anticipation for the rebirth of sanctuary.

scan0002 (2)By the time we open the Land, the trees will be budding. Grass will appear in patches and having been fed by the leaves of the fall, the brilliant green of Spring will be more than a promise of things to come. And through the still bare branches, the sun will warm us.

The excitement builds as the first tents are pitched. Checking in at the front gate scan0012we will be greeted with a smile and a hearty welcome home! On any part of the property the building sense of community can be felt. Old friends greet one another and new friends are gathered in with hugs.

scan0017During the day we work as a team to chop wood and carry water, all the while laughing over mishaps or crying for the loss of loved ones who could not make it this year.


scan0007And we will stand together in the Circle, giving thanks to the Holy Ones for the gifts of Nature and spirit, without judgement, leaving behind us, for awhile, the concerns of the mundane world and refreshing our bond to Mother Earth.


Spring is coming. My thermometer reads 0 degrees right now, but I know that Spring is coming. I’m digging out my gardening gloves, checking the tent to be sure it’ll keep me dry, and planning easy meals. The gates will open in just over a month.

Are you ready? Looking forward to meeting you there!


Lady CrowW






Countdown to Sanctuary!

Greetings, everyone!  Here we are in the second week of February and although many of us still have snow on the ground our thoughts are probably turned toward warmer weather and the opening of Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary!

Behind the scenes there is a flurry of activity. Our coordinator, Mary Borden, is bringing together all the necessary pieces that make up a cohesive plan. Board of trustees, Land Committees, and Maintenance are but three of the groups that will work together, along with those of us who are willing to put our energies into cleaning up Raven-Wolf and making it a safe place to worship and commune with Nature and those of like mind.

Many hands are needed in this effort. We are tentatively planning to open up scan0009 (2)work weekends some time in April and there are many projects to be accomplished. Downed trees need to be cleared and cut up for firewood, outhouses need rebuilding, buildings need repairing, mowing, weed-whacking; whoa, sounds like a lot of heavy labor!!

scan0009But wait, there’s more…if you, like me, have physical limitations that preclude helping with the heavy stuff, there are still many things that we can do. Cooking meals, coordinating raffles (goodies abound!), paperwork, sweeping, painting, picking up sticks; the list goes on. I was a part of the Land many years ago and I can attest to the fact that there is always something for someone to do on work weekends. And if you can’t be there, a financial donation is always welcome.

After a day’s work, sitting around a beautiful campfire next to old friends and new is a reward in and of itself. No sound of traffic, no nosy neighbors, and a place to speak freely about our spirituality, the next sabbat, or the latest ritual, this part of Mother Earth becomes a home away from home. ‘It takes a village’, so the saying goes, and those of us who have been around for a while look forward to those “new friends”. We hope you’ll join us.

If you are interested in working with us as we rebuild this community, send an email to ravenwolfnature at aol dot com for more information, or join us on our Facebook pages at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary or Memories of Ravenwolf.


Many Blessings,

Lady CrowW
Selena Wolff-Mason